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Ignite 2022: The Incredible Efficiencies of Unifying a University Hosting Provider with WP Engine

Colleges and universities around the world are molding the tech leaders of tomorrow, but in many cases, they’re also presenting a mismatch between what users see online and what students can expect in real life. 

Numerous websites for different colleges within a university system and lack of standardization can lead to recruitment difficulties and an inconsistent experience for students receiving different types of education, even when attending the same school.

In this virtual Ignite event, WP Engine brings together experts from Texas A&M, UC Berkeley, and Arizona State University to discuss the benefits of standardizing the university experience online. 

Watch the video below to learn  how standardizing university sites under a single hosting platform can reduce procurement challenges and enhance the experiences of students, faculty, and administrators.

In this session, University of California, Berkeley Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Patrick Holmes, Texas A&M AgriLife Web Operations Manager Paul Pleasant,, and Arizona State University WordPress Developer Steve Ryan  join WP Engine Engineering Manager Chris Wiegmen to discuss the benefits of a standardized university experience online.

Watch this session to gain valuable insights into:

  • How hosting providers impact security, performance, and overall user experience for prospective students.
  • How hosting standardization can support contingency planning and support cross-department knowledge sharing.
  • How standardization not only creates a consistent path for end users, but can also accelerate go-to-market strategies for developers, marketers, and administrators at top universities.

Check out the full session to find out more about the benefits of standardizing university and collegiate sites on a single hosting platform. 

Find out more about enterprise-level hosting standardization and explore WP Engine’s enterprise hosting solutions here.

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