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Get Started With Headless WordPress Using Local

In this Agency Ignite digital event, our expert team at WP Engine weighs in on the basics of headless WordPress and how you can leverage Local to quickly launch new headless sites.

Hear from WP Engine Partner Program Manager Charles Oh, Developer Advocate Grace Erixon, and Senior Product Manager Austin Wendt as they look at ways to streamline your development workflow using Atlas, WP Engine’s headless WordPress platform, alongside the #1 tool for local WordPress development.

Video: Get Started with Headless WordPress Using Local

“Local Connect helps developers deploy sites up five times more often…it makes it incredibly simple to spin up new WordPress sites or manage existing sites on your local machine.”

Austin Wendt, Senior Product Manager, WP Engine

In this Agency Ignite session, you’ll learn more about:

  • Headless WordPress architecture
  • The benefits and features of Atlas, WP Engine’s headless WordPress solution
  • How to quickly and easily launch a headless site with Local

Check out the entire session for more on building headless WordPress sites with Local.

Want to learn even more about headless WordPress with WP Engine? Visit our library of headless WordPress resources or jump in for free using an Atlas Sandbox account.

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