The Importance of Client Reports

Agency life is fast-paced and often hectic. Most of the time, your teams are juggling multiple deadlines for several clients who have widely different ideas regarding what “success” looks like for their project or campaign. 

So as the year winds down, it’s important to take stock of your client communications. Make sure they see how hard you’re working, all that your team has accomplished, and all the amazing things you’re doing with automated client reports from Growth Suite

While there are a variety of client reporting tools available today, Growth Suite helps you showcase your value to clients with easy-to-build client reports you can automate for expanded impact and a streamlined workflow.

In this article, we’ll cover important questions like:

Compiling a compelling client report can be frustrating and time consuming, but Growth Suite makes it easy!

Why is it Crucial to Send Client Reports?

Client reports are a written record of the work your team has completed within a certain time frame. Whether you send them monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually, a client report is one of the best ways you can go back, track the success of your work, and offer your clients a comprehensive view of it all.  

A sit-down meeting with a client to discuss results is great, but think about this: How many times have you seen clients take notes in those types of meetings? Never? Maybe once or twice? Now, how likely do you think they are to remember all the details of your discussion without those notes?

Think of a client report as proof positive that you’re doing what your clients have asked. You can dig up previous reports to support your ideas, showing how  your strategies have worked in the past. You can also use the information compiled in client reports for your own case studies later on as they’ll hold  impressive data you’ll want to showcase. 

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Understanding what information is most important to your clients is crucial before creating your report

What Types of Information Should be Included in Client Reports?

The data you’ll include in a client’s report is dependent on the key performance indicators they identified with you during the discovery phase. Because success can take many different forms depending on your client’s requirements, it’s important to nail down their priorities and focus on them in order of importance.

This means that the first couple of conversations you have with a new client will be absolutely vital to the success of your efforts, so make sure you take great notes and ask tons of questions. The more you know at the onset of a project, the better you can report on your achievements—and the more likely you’ll be to create return clientele!

So, if you’re working with a client who’s trying to increase their email audience and social media presence, your report will look different than it would for a client whose focus is on-site conversion rates.

Common bits of data your clients may want to review in a monthly report include:

  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Email open/click through rates
  • Google Analytics
  • PPC performance 
  • SEO performance
  • Social media engagement/impressions
  • Website visits

You don’t need your reports to be overly technical or confusing. Simply provide the important information upfront in a clear and concise way so your clients know exactly what you’re doing and how it’s going. Just make sure you cover the basics in your reporting. Then, if your clients have additional questions or want to dig deeper, they’ll know you’re armed and ready with any information they could need.

Here’s a quick how-to that shows you how simple compiling a report can be with Growth Suite

How Does Growth Suite Help with Reporting?

Growth Suite is an all-in-one solution built to fuel agency growth. In addition to powerful features for billing and invoicing, you can use Growth Suite to gather important client insights, effortlessly compile your reports, and send them in just a couple of clicks! Easily create and schedule automated reports that include Google Analytics, site performance insights, website hosting data, and any personalized notes you may want to include.

We’ve found the client reports have been a game changer for proactively notifying our clients of the work done on their sites. Most clients don’t understand why they should pay a hosting fee or what kind of work goes on for their sites behind the scenes. Client reports have enabled us to provide that information automatically with a beautifully generated report.

Jeremiah Benes, Owner, One of a Kind Solutions

Reports are automatically branded to look like they’ve come straight from your agency—no watermarks or impossible-to-remove logos will give away the magic happening behind the scenes. Just customize the information you want to include in your reports, set a send date, and all future reports will auto-send using the layout you’ve created.

You save valuable time that would normally be spent on these administrative tasks by automating your reports without sacrificing the relationships you’re building with your clients. The importance of your work stays ever-present in their minds, and you get time back in your work day! 

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With a whole host of client and site management tools, Growth Suite is the all-in-one software you can use to make client management a breeze—because a client who understands the full scope of your efforts is one that’ll stick around.

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