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Webinar | WP Engine’s SEO Mini Series

Our recent SEO webinar was one of the most widely attended virtual sessions in WP Engine history, and because this topic resonates with so many WordPress users, we created a larger series of SEO-focused virtual sessions to continue the conversation.

Each session in the three-part miniseries focuses on  a niche SEO topic and includes a host of agency professionals, SEO tool creators, and industry experts who all discuss key themes like specialized SEO markets, implementation strategies, and technical tools that can improve your approach to SEO.

Check out each of the individual sessions below!

Part 1: Specialized SEO

Part one of the series focuses on specialized SEO considerations such as international and multilingual SEO and eCommerce-specific strategies. The panel discussion includes great insights from this powerhouse panel of experts: 

  • Erin Myers Vidal, Lead Digital Strategy Manager, WP Engine
  • Carmen Dominguez, Head of Organic, Hallam
  • Jamie Reedy, Senior SEO Specialist, Amisive Digital
  • Erika Varangouli, Head of International Brand, Semrush

“The summary of the discussions that we are having here is this: SEO is no longer one guy…It’s becoming so much more complex, empathetic, intuitive. That, for me, is super exciting and interesting.”

Carmen Dominguez, Head of Organic, Hallam

From hreflang attributes for different regional markets to hyper-localizing your international SEO strategy to the explosion of TikTok as an eCommerce vessel, the half-hour session is jam-packed with important strategies and considerations you can use as you prepare your own SEO action plan.

Watch the full session below!

Additional Tools and Resources From This Session:

Part 2: Practical Applications

Part two of the mini-series explores practical applications of your SEO strategy. The following awesome speakers share actionable takeaways you can use directly on your site or your clients’ sites:

  • Andrew Sherman, Founder, Virtual Window
  • Jeff Coyle, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse
  • Jonas Sickler, Digital Marketing Analyst, Terakeet
  • James Gibbons, Sr. Customer Success Manager, Quattr

“Make sure that people understand that organic SEO is a marathon, it’s not a sprint. It’s very, very different from paid. You can’t expect to get the same results within a couple of weeks that you get for paying to get to the front of the line.”

Andrew Sherman, Founder, Virtual Window

Experts share all kinds of advice, including tips for running a one-person SEO show, how to identify and test the best tools for your SEO strategy, and how to create space for clients to share their message, even in highly crowded markets.

Watch the full session below!

Additional Tools and Resources From This Session:

Part 3: Website Crawl & Technical Audit Tips

In part three, experts discuss the process of a website crawl and technical audit. We heard from this impressive cast of technical SEO specialists:

“Technical SEO is a little tricky because it does require a firm understanding of how Google and other search engines crawl and index content from websites, but what makes it fun is it forces you to stay curious, and you have to stay curious to get ahead.”

Steffan Hernandez, Associate Director, SEO, Power Digital Marketing

Panelists use the hour-long session to share what you should be looking for, tools you can use throughout your audit, why it’s important to continually review your technical SEO strategy, and how to prioritize the issues you uncover to better optimize your site. 

Watch the full session below!

Additional Tools and Resources From This Session:

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