How This Agency Changed Its Business Model Through WP Engine

Finding new ways to attract clients to your services can be tricky, but the agency Market House figured out one technique to lure prospects in. In the case of one of their clients, which we’ll refer to as ‘Client X’, over the course of a month they experienced more than three hours of site downtime.

According to Market House’s Marketing Consultant & Designer, Jason Marlowe, “like any group of data nerds, we tracked uptime for Client X, as well as a few other clients we did not host with WPE. We took a look at websites running on 1&1, GoDaddy, Eleven2, and, of course, WP Engine. What we found was a massive opportunity to highlight the difference in quality between hosting providers.”

In this case study, discover how Market House used site uptime with WP Engine as a tool to change their business model, and ultimately convince Client X to move on to WP Engine’s services.

“The power of their platform has actually changed our business model. Because we can so quickly setup a new WordPress installation, we can easily create a new transferrable install to begin working with a client faster than ever before.” — Jason Marlowe

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