How The Motley Fool Overcame The Challenges Of Site Downtime

The Motley Fool’s international websites crashed. All of its WordPress installs were inaccessible across all countries – Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and the UK. Along with the time spent, Motley Fool estimated the downtime cost roughly 10 percent of the revenue for that week.

With the workweek – the sites’ busiest days – fast approaching, The Motley Fool sought a solution to get the international sites up and running again.

Within a week, Motley Fool had migrated to WP Engine, and The Motley Fool’s sites performed faster than they ever had. And with WP Engine, the team no longer struggles with infrastructure issues. Five years ago, it would’ve taken three months of coordination to launch in a new country, now we can do it in a day,” Keeler said. “The cost of experimentation and trying new ideas basically rounds to zero.”

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