How to Pick the Perfect Domain Name for Your Creative Business

You’re a creator. A disruptor. An entrepreneur. You own and dominate your corner of the internet to bring the best of your niche to your customers. You know from experience that running a creative business is no simple undertaking. It often results in logistical nightmares, small pieces of the puzzle coming together just so, and figuring out the intricacies of your customers’ varied tastes to put out the perfect product. Despite these challenges, you’ve aced your creative business thus far and are looking to take the next step and launch your own website and build an online presence for yourself.

Small businesses in the U.S. make up 89% of the economy and in Canada, small businesses are over 97% of the total economy. They have a huge impact on the North American economy, and solo entrepreneurs are abundant. The internet has made it possible for entrepreneurs to succeed and easily showcase and attract attention for their brand outside of traditional marketing means – and often at a lower cost. An a business owner, you’re able to launch a beautiful website with little effort, market to your customers effectively on social media, and connect with your target market directly. This freedom and ease wasn’t available even twenty years ago, and it has given today’s small and creative business owner a huge leg up.

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While there are many options available at your fingertips, it can seem a bit overwhelming when you’re first launching your online presence for your business to know where to start. You need to figure out how to actually design and build a website, which social channels to use, how to best sell your creations through online channels, and more. To really get yourself ready to launch, why not snag your domain name? Now is a great time to see if your business’s brand name is available as a domain. 

If you can’t immediately find your ideal .COM domain name, don’t panic! There are countless domain name extensions available for your creative company (Hover offers well over 300, including the popular .CO, .DESIGN, and .SHOP). You can secure your brand on an awesome and standout extension that’ll inform customers what you offer and what you’re all about.

If you want a domain name that is more niche than generic to properly attract your target market, then consider the vertical you’re in. If you are a freelancer looking to showcase your portfolio of work, a .DESIGN or .ME domain could best resonate with your audience. These domain extensions indicate to your audience what to expect when they land on your website, which can ensure higher quality traffic in landing on your page. If you want to let your creativity spread to your domain name, there are plenty of unique options to get a domain name that really represents your brand online.

Secured your perfect domain name? Don’t forget about your social media channels! Make sure your name across your social channels is consistent so customers can easily find you and tag you in social shares.

Get started.

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