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3 Plugins to Help Scan Your WordPress Site for Malware

It’s hard to find a site owner who has never been bothered about the security of his or her site. Don’t we all like our sites to stay safe, always?

Sure we do.

The WordPress repository offers hundreds of thousands of free WordPress themes. All of these are reviewed by a large community, so you know that they’re generally safe. But what about the other themes around the web that are downloadable for free?

Shady developers sometimes insert malicious code in their products. From bringing your site down to linking it to spammy sites, such code can be very harmful.

If you host with WP Engine, we take care of all of these security concerns for you. But if your site is somewhere else, you might need some extra tools to keep it safe. These plugins can help scan your WordPress site for malware and keep it safe and secure.

1. Anti-Malware

Anti-malware security and brute-force firewall screenshot

Anti-Malware is a WordPress security plugin that scans your server for vulnerabilities. It helps keep your WordPress site safe by scanning all your theme and plugin files. Anti-Malware keeps getting updated with the latest malware definitions to keep your site safe, even from newly discovered threats.

2. Sucuri Security

sucuri security screenshot

The Sucuri Security WordPress plugin comes from one of the world’s leading online security solutions providers, Sucuri Inc.
Sucuri scans a WordPress site to keep it safe from malware attacks, spam, blacklisting, and more. Sucuri also maintains an activity log that allows you to track all the activity on your WordPress site, so you can see who’s logging in and making changes, etc.

If Sucuri detects something fishy, it notifies you via email. Plus, if your site is infected, they’ll help you clean it up (for a fee).

Just like the other automated scanning tools out there, there’s the possibility of false alarms. So for more accuracy, you’ll be required to run a manual check.

3. Wordfence

wordfence screenshot

The Wordfence WordPress security plugin protects your site from hackers and malware. It has over 1 million active installs and is one of the most trusted plugins for securing a WordPress site. Threats like crawlers and attackers are blocked by Wordfence. It also provides two-factor authentication to protect your site from brute force attacks.

The Wordfence plugin can also block crawlers, scrapers and bots from running security scans to look for vulnerabilities in your site.

We hope these tools help you keep your site safe.

If you host with WP Engine, you can worry less about hackers or malware. We run security checks on your WordPress site to discover any potential threats, and if we do find anything, we’ll clean it up!

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