Putting an End to Tedious Plugin Maintenance

Plugins are arguably one of the best parts of WordPress. These uploadable bits of software allow users to easily add features and functionality to their websites, and with some 60,000 free plugins available for download in the WordPress Plugin Repository, the options for customizing WordPress sites have become almost limitless.

But just like any piece of software, plugins require regular updates and maintenance to ensure successful use. Neglecting plugin maintenance, even briefly, can invite a litany of security vulnerabilities, which in turn could spell big trouble for your website.

There’s no question that plugin maintenance is necessary, but it can also be tedious—particularly when a site has multiple plugins running at the same time. This was precisely the challenge for RocketLevel, a customer acquisition platform that manages numerous WordPress installs and multisites.

With a growing list of sites and plugin installs, RocketLevel’s IT team found that precious developer time was increasingly being spent on plugin maintenance rather than mission-critical projects that were moving their business forward faster.

In this case study, we explore the catch-22 that RocketLevel—like so many other businesses—found themselves in, and how they were able to utilize Smart Plugin Manager to automate plugin updates and reclaim valuable developer time. This intelligent tool automates plugin updates, thereby freeing up crucial time for developers. To find out more about RocketLevel’s success in managing its plugin maintenance quandary, download the full case study.

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