Ignite 2021: Setup, Build, and Deploy Your Site With Faust.js and Atlas

Are you building with Headless WordPress yet? Want to find out how to dive in?

This on-demand session will show you how to get a fast start with headless using Faust.js as well as how you can deploy it on WP Engine’s Headless WordPress platform, Atlas. You’ll learn about the tools, environments, and languages you will need to quickly get your headless stack up and running. Check out the full session below!

Video: Headless WordPress: Setup, Build, and Deploy Your Site With Faust.js and Atlas

In this session, WP Engine Sr. Partner Enablement Manager Francis Agulto and WP Engine Sr. Manager, Partnerships Tony Gilharry discuss:

  • The rising popularity of decoupled architecture and Headless WordPress
  • The tools you need to set up and build your site with Faust.js
  • How to deploy your site with Atlas for fast, performant, and secure headless projects

“It’s important that we make this more seamless and less convoluted so that you can literally have the best developer experience on the engineering side and the best experience on the content side, and everybody can have a great user experience.”

Francis Alguto, Sr. Partner Enablement Manager, WP Engine

Find out more about Headless WordPress and how you can achieve unprecedented performance with modern frameworks and the world’s #1 open source CMS in one powerful platform.

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