7 Inspiring Infographic Resumes

If a vacancy for your dream job landed in your inbox today, would your resume be ready to send?

As a designer, an infographic resume gives you a chance to stand out among a sea of average job applications. It’s an opportunity to show your skills, experience, and personality – and it’s your ticket to landing an interview.

What Makes a Great Infographic Resume?


One of the main purposes of an infographic resume is to present your skills and experience in a way that’s quick and easy for a hiring manager to understand. Simplicity goes a long way here, especially when it comes to layout, color and graphs.


Just as you would tailor a traditional text resume, your infographic should be designed for the position you’re hoping to win. Highlight skills and experience that are relevant to the position and appealing to the company.


You have a personal brand. Let it show in a way that’s appropriate for the position to which you’re applying. If the company is a casual, creative start-up with a penchant for craft beer, you can probably splash out a bit with your design. If it’s an in-house art department for an understated luxury luggage brand, a more formal design is a better option.

So now, here are seven infographic resumes to inspire you.

1. Wap Martinez-Mercaderinfographic-resumes-one

2. Teodora Tasic


3. Matthew Hall


4. Sara Catanzariti


5. Evangelica Duran


6.Susana Raposo de Almeida

Susana Raposo de Almeida

7. Carol Corrêa


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