Technical Deep Dive into AngularJS and the WordPress REST API

The WordPress REST API, in conjunction with a JavaScript MVC framework such as AngularJS, opens up endless opportunities for developers to build new types of plugins and customize user experiences. This webinar goes in-depth into how to use AngularJS with the WordPress REST API. Together, these tools help you tie systems together to customize user experiences, build plugins, and advance your business in new, innovative ways that are only limited by your imagination!

Covered in this webinar: 

  • How to make custom admin interfaces using REST API and AngularJS
  • Angular basics with the WordPress REST API
  • Building a plugin admin screen (Ingot A/B testing)

Experience Level:   Intermediate to Advanced  (Consider yourself a coder? Comfortable with the REST API? This one’s for you!)

Watch the replay of the 1 hour webinar (including an informative Q&A session at the end).

Fantastic Speakers:

  • Josh Pollock, Owner/Developer, CalderaWP
  • Anthony Burchell, Operations Engineer, WP Engine

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