The Ultimate Guide To The WordPress REST API

Faster, Easier WordPress Development

The WordPress REST API opens up endless opportunities for experienced WordPress developers. From integrating with technologies beyond WordPress to providing more flexibility when developing sites, plugins, and themes; the WordPress REST API packs a powerful punch and makes development faster and easier.

It provides a new way to interact with WordPress posts, users, comments, and taxonomies using the popular RESTful API standard, which allows you to create, read, update, and delete the main WordPress objects and provides infrastructure for creating your own custom APIs.

In this Torque ebook (sponsored by WP Engine), author and developer Josh Pollock provides an in-depth overview of website and application development using the WordPress REST API. The ebook includes practical examples you can follow to improve your WordPress site and integrate WordPress with non-WordPress frameworks and tools. You’ll learn about how to use the WordPress REST API to:

  • Read and write posts
  • Create and edit metadata
  • Add routes
  • Process and respond to requests
  • And much more…

Dig in and learn how to use the WordPress REST API and the exciting possibilities it unlocks for developers. The Ultimate Guide to the WordPress REST API can make your life easier. Download now and find out how.

About the Author, Josh Pollock

Josh Pollock is the owner and a developer for CalderaWP, makers of Caldera Forms, a different kind of form builder and URL Builder, the visual editor for WordPress permalinks. Josh is a regular contributor to Torque and has spoken at numerous WordCamps and WordPress events about the WordPress REST API.

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