Ditching The Headache For The Dream

Tivoli Partners Experiences a 50% Improvement In Site Speed, Agility To Spin Up New Client Sites With Ease

Tivoli Partners is a loyalty marketing agency based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The web development firm faced a number of challenges with prior digital performance platforms. With a database that crashed constantly and an unbelievable amount of server upkeep, Tivoli Partners grew tired of constant headaches they’d experience when their site would go down.

Looking to address these issues along with concerns revolving around security, backups, caching, and SSL, the agency sought out a new solution. In this case study, read about what drove Tivoli Partners to WP Engine, and the business impact they saw with the switch.

“Overall, my life is much easier now and I trust that our site in good hands. It’s outperformed anything I could ever do on my own in terms of performance and SEO. We’ll be selling more web development in the future mainly because we found a solution that we can trust,” — David Bell, President at Tivoli Partners.

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