When Virality Strikes, Amazing Business Results Ensue

VNM USA is a full-service advertising agency specializing in Marketing to Millennials based out of Madison, WI. When their client, QuHarrison.com, became one of the first independent online publications to break a story about Congress passing a bill letting ISPs (Internet Service Providers) sell consumer data, it showed just how important site uptime is when virality strikes.

Aside from ensuring their site could scale to meet the traffic demands coming from 14,000-plus social shares of the article, in this case study, VNM USA discusses some of their other recent wins thanks to the agility they’ve encountered with WordPress and WP Engine.

“Arches are a brilliant innovation in architecture — self-supporting, aesthetically pleasing, and practical. However, without a keystone to lock all the other stones in place, the arch couldn’t bear the weight of a feather. As VNM USA pursues its wildest archways (dreams), WP Engine will always be counted on as the keystone.” — QuHarrison Terry, Co-founder of VNM USA

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