Web Developers on Twitter you Should Follow Today

One of the greatest aspects of social media sites is their ability to help you to make new connections online. Sure, you probably follow your old high school or college friends, and maybe your mom thinks she’s tech-savvy enough for Twitter, so you follow her, too. But there’s also an entire world of users out there that you can follow to grow your professional network.

Whether you’re looking to make new connections, hoping to gain some new industry advice, or simply need a new dose of inspiration on your Twitter feed, here are 14 web developers on Twitter you should follow today.

Bronson Quick

Bronson was born and raised by a tribe of monkeys. These monkeys bestowed upon him great knowledge of code thus making Bronson a WordPress code monkey.


Shane Pearlman

Lead indie teams in UX/UI, web, mobile & product design. Freelance evangelist. Gov 2.0 advocate. WordPress contributor. Surfer. Traveler. Dad.


Arianne Foulks

Storyteller, idea hatcher, yaysayer. Captain & founder here at Aeolidia, where we help creative folks brand their businesses & set up shop online.


Jonathan Christopher

Believer. Co-owner of @irontoiron. Built @SearchWP. Author of @ClientWP & @mondaybynoon. Uses @WordPress for a lot of things.


Kyle Evans

Code Ranger @rangeinc.


Taylor Lovett

Open source web technologies engineer and enthusiast. Director of Web Engineering at @10up.


Sarah Gooding

WordPress Journalist @ Audrey Capital, tea drinker, knitter, BJCP certified beer judge. I heart WordPress & BuddyPress. Find me at the Tavern.


Dan Beil

Just another WordPress Dev working on taking over the world. Tweets are my own. Software ( WordPress VIP ) Dev @alleydev. working from places. Addactiondan.me.


Dan Sosedoff

Software Engineer.


Chris Peña

Passion for technology, food, helping JT hack on COD and NYC oh and hearing @vickianaarias sing to me, VP, Platform & Technology Strategy @ NorthPoint Digital.


Tammie Lister

Worg Wrangler at Automattic.



My feet are soaked, but my cuffs are bone dry. Lead Dev at @ReaktivStudios. Creator of @DesignPalette. organizer @WordCampTampa.


Rob Glazebrook

Senior Front End Developer for @voceplatforms. Author of @CanvasIsAwesome. Prior author of CSS Newbie. Homebrewer. Rower. Papa.


Jan Cavan Boulas

Designer specializing in User Interface Design, Illustration and Iconography. Designer @Automattic. Also a Happy Meal toy collector and breakdancer wannabe.


Who do you follow that shares some awesome Tweets? Let us know who else should be on this list of awesome web developers on Twitter.

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