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The Web Hosting Qualifiers

Building, managing, and optimising WordPress sites for your business comes with a lot of options. Similar to drawing up a game-winning strategy, any number of plays could help you reach the goal line.

But just like a game-winning coach spends hours hand-picking the best recruits, it’s important for you to closely evaluate the right players for your digital presence, beginning with your web hosting provider. 

The right hosting provider will serve as an extension of your team, helping you work smarter, not harder by supplementing your digital game plan with expertise, and filling in the spaces where you need it most. 

While you will ultimately be the one to determine if a hosting provider is right for your business, this guide will help you in your decision, offering tips you can use to put potential hosting partners through their paces. 

As you search for the right partner to round out your technical team, the sections in this ebook will help you make sure the provider: 

  • Understands your business and its needs
  • Has the server resources needed to keep up with your growing demand
  • Enables modern development with tools and technology to bring your digital vision to life
  • Implements rigorous security standards that go beyond discount providers
  • Focuses on your experience, both as a customer and platform user
  • Has demonstrated WordPress-specific expertise

Download the ebook now for a detailed look at the considerations outlined above, including actionable information you can use as you evaluate different web hosts.

Complete Your Technical Team With WP Engine

When you partner with WP Engine, you get more than just web hosting, you unlock a smarter way to WordPress with a fully managed platform and developer solutions trusted by more than a million brands and agencies of all sizes. 

From the second you sign up, WP Engine will complement your technical team, allowing you to build better sites faster, manage them with ease, and optimise performance to increase sales and grow your business. 

WP Engine takes care of the nuts and bolts that keep your WordPress sites at their best, ensuring your business is always putting its best digital foot forward.

If you think we aced the technical tryouts, sign WP Engine to your team! Follow the links below to learn more about our plans, talk to a specialist, or start hosting your WordPress sites with WP Engine today.

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