Content + Commerce: How to Use WordPress and Shopify to Increase Profits

Marketers these days know that good website content can help develop your brand, help you get found and build a loyal audience base. What if you can use that content to increase your profits, while minimizing the administration required to do so?

In this on-demand webinar, experts from WP Engine and Shopify explore the following to show you how to marry WordPress with Shopify to increase profitability, while enhancing user experience and minimizing administration in the process.

  • Why WordPress? Why Shopify? Why together?
  • We’ll demonstrate two scenarios for adding Shopify ecommerce functionality to a WordPress site:
    • Using your website to sell related add-on products (a BBQ restaurant selling sauce and T-shirts)
    • Using your blog to tell your story and promote related items…all with a seamless  brand experience (selling related accessory items on a bridal fashion blog)
  • How to streamline administration to reduce costs

Run Time: 48 minutes (includes Q&A)

Expertise Level: Beginner to intermediate

Our Amazing Speakers:

Chris Long

Chris Long
Director, Marketing Operations
WP Engine

Before joining WP Engine, Chris worked for a company focused on the ecommerce space. Bringing expertise in ecommerce and WordPress will give attendees a unique perspective of what is possible.

Corey FerreiraCorey Ferreira
Content Marketing

Corey Ferreira is a passionate entrepreneur and content creator at Shopify. Before Shopify, Corey launched, grew, and sold several successful businesses including an emerging advertising agency, and web design consulting company.

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