Webinar | How to Optimize Search for your WordPress eCommerce Store

Powerful eCommerce solutions are critical in today’s digital-first business environment, yet building and scaling an online store isn’t necessarily easy. 

If you’ve built your store on WordPress, you may find that the plugins you’ve installed are slowing your site down, users are encountering a frustrating search experience, conversion paths are less than ideal, or your ability to scale has been throttled. That’s where this webinar comes in! 

In this on-demand webinar, WordPress experts from 10up and WP Engine will walk through ways you can use analytics to create dynamic search results and boost sales while setting your store up for continued growth. And, we’ll show you some examples of companies that are doing eCommerce correctly—including an apparel company that’s seen an 18% increase in revenue by using the techniques discussed here! 

Duration: 53 minutes (including Q&A)

Experience level: Beginner, intermediate

What you’ll learn:

  • How to look at your analytics data to create custom search results. 
  • How to set up your analytics properly. 
  • Why page speed matters and how to improve the performance of your site. 
  • How to provide the ideal search experience for your users (so you can cash in on those searches and beat your competitors!). 
  • Q&A 

Our expert speakers:

Vasken Hauri

VP, Platforms and System


Vasken Hauri is Vice President of Platforms and Systems at 10up, where he helps to develop solutions like ElasticPress.io and the SiteWatch site maintenance program.

Chris Wiegman

Senior Software Engineer

WP Engine

Chris Wiegman is a software engineer, teacher, aspiring writer and pilot currently focused on WordPress, eCommerce, Developer Experience, and Privacy.


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