The Power of WordPress Plugins

The WordPress Plugin Ecosystem.

With ~60,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, how do you decide which one’s right for your site? What goes into creating a killer plugin? And, how do hosts such as WP Engine treat/work with plugins?

In this recorded webinar, you’ll hear from some of the top WordPress Plugin providers as they discuss:

  • How to navigate the plugin landscape and select the best plugins for your business needs
  • Keys for a successful plugin
  • What other plugins do the plugin developers use for their sites?
  • How plugin providers work within the WordPress plugin ecosystem
  • How to take advantage of WP Engine’s plugin developer program

Fantastic speakers include:

  • B Byrne, CEO & Co-founder, Clef
  • Aaron Campbell, Developer, iThemes
  • Bjorn Seaton, Digital Marketing Manager, WPMU DEV
  • David Vogelpohl, VP Web Strategy, WP Engine

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