The Power of WordPress Plugins

The WordPress Plugin Ecosystem.

With over 40,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, how do you decide which one’s right for your site? What goes into creating a killer plugin? And, how do hosts such as WP Engine treat/work with plugins?

In this recorded webinar, you’ll hear from some of the top WordPress Plugin providers as they discuss:

  • How to navigate the plugin landscape and select the best plugins for your business needs
  • Keys for a successful plugin
  • What other plugins do the plugin developers use for their sites?
  • How plugin providers work within the WordPress plugin ecosystem
  • How to take advantage of WP Engine’s plugin developer program

Fantastic speakers include:

  • B Byrne, CEO & Co-founder, Clef
  • Aaron Campbell, Developer, iThemes
  • Bjorn Seaton, Digital Marketing Manager, WPMU DEV
  • David Vogelpohl, VP Web Strategy, WP Engine

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