What Is An Enterprise Content Management System?

In simplest terms, an enterprise Content Management System (CMS) enables you to collect, organize, manage, and distribute content to a designated audience, such as your business partners, consumers, or executives. Of course, unlike other CMSs, this is tailored to your enterprise.

Fortunately, WP Engine offers an enterprise WordPress hosting solution for organizations of all sizes. This enables you to benefit from its many features and offer a reliable and enjoyable experience to all your network’s users.

In this post, we’ll discuss the various aspects of a quality Enterprise CMS and how your organization can benefit. We’ll also show you how WordPress and WP Engine can help you to meet your content management and delivery goals. Let’s get started!

CMS Flexibility

One of the most important aspects of an enterprise CMS is flexibility. After all, your business’ needs are likely to evolve and change over time. Whether you preside over site structural changes, mergers and acquisitions, or something else entirely, your CMS must continue to meet your needs.

With a flexible CMS – such as WordPress – you can ensure your system adapts alongside these changes. This includes the ability to add and remove users on the back end, expand storage, and even alter design and content delivery methods.

However, flexibility can also refer to a CMSs compatibility with other systems and software. For example, WordPress integrates with platforms such as MailChimp, Zapier, and HubSpot. This enables you to extend WordPress’ core functionality to fit your organization’s needs. For this reason alone, a CMS that’s popular and well-maintained would be your best bet.


It’s not unusual for organizations to grow over time, which is usually a key goal, although it presents problems when looking to scale.

You may even consider switching your CMS, which impacts time and costs. Not to mention, growth isn’t always linear, so you may find yourself needing to scale your CMS much sooner than expected.

Fortunately, WP Engine offers a robust, high-traffic enterprise CMS that enables your business and content needs to grow without limit. With WP Engine, you don’t need to worry about storage limitations, or content delivery woes. Instead, you can ensure your website grows with you. This means you’ll get practically all of the features and services you need.


Poor reliability of your enterprise site can have a serious impact on credibility and trust. After all, how can your audience take you seriously when you struggle with site downtime or slow speeds?

Also, service interruptions can directly result in lost revenue. While some users may return, many may resort to going to your competitors instead of waiting for you to catch up.

With an enterprise management solution – such as WP Engine – you can ensure your WordPress site is always up to par. Even as usage scales, WP Engine guarantees superb reliability and minimal downtime.


As your organization grows, it’s not uncommon for resources to be pushed to their limits. Unfortunately, this can significantly slow site speed, which can be just as bad as downtime.

The speed your site loads can have a major impact on User Experience (UX). In fact, a slow-loading page can drive many users away. Only when you use an enterprise solution can you maintain site speeds. This is especially true as your needs are scaled.

With the combination of WordPress and WP Engine, you can keep your network running as it should. This is because you’ll have access to enterprise-level tools – such as EverCache and Google Cloud Platform – and the WordPress experts who know how to run them.

User Management

As we discussed, front end resources such as content and design need to be scalable. Back end resources also need to scale, but in different ways. One such way is user management and permissions.

Organizations both large and small rely on individuals to run smoothly. When using a CMS, there will be many users with access to the back end (with different roles and permissions). With an enterprise CMS, you can ensure you have the tools available to manage your organization’s users, and all that goes along with it.

Perhaps the most popular back end difference between enterprises and non-enterprises is the need for multisite functionality. This enables you to run multiple subdomains from one network. Of course, this requires a lot of users to run smoothly, which can be time consuming. However, with an enterprise-level system in place, user management can be a breeze.


One feature every enterprise CMS needs is support. Unfortunately, not all will offer this. However, the support offered by WP Engine cannot be beat!

As you can imagine, enterprise CMS platforms require robust support to ensure they continue to function correctly in the long term. By choosing a CMS with widespread use – such as WordPress – you can rely on a knowledgeable support community. Its open-source nature contributes to that community support.

However, sometimes a user community isn’t enough. That’s why WP Engine’s enterprise solutions offer unparalleled customer support. With the help of WordPress professionals and 24/7 availability, you can ensure your enterprise network is connected and working as it should.

A CMS is just the start. With the backing of a powerful WordPress host such as WP Engine, you can bring your WordPress site to the next level. By adding enterprise functionality and support not available with other providers, you can stay ahead of the competition and keep your audience happy.

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