Quantifying WordPress Domain Name Prices

If you’re planning to launch a new website, assembling a list of potential domain names can be a lot like naming a child – it needs to be perfect. With so many options now available for Top Level Domains (TLDs) you may also have noticed a wide range of prices as well. 

Fortunately, there are a few tools available to help you better understand whether the price listed for the domain you want is worth it. Domain name sales operate like other wholesale to retail goods, so there can be differences in price from retailer to retailer. 

In this article, we’ll review several tools you can use to help evaluate the cost and value of the domain name you want. We’ll also take a look at some tips for choosing the best domain name for your site. Let’s get started! 

Calculating The Cost

While there is no standardized way of pricing all domain names, there is regulation over some of them. There are some older domain names, such as .com, .net, and .biz that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has negotiated fixed prices for. This means you can generally get these for a cost-effective price.

Regardless of what TLD you decide on, you’ll want to do some shopping around. If this seems too daunting and time-consuming, there are tools available to help you appraise the value of a domain name or cross-check the popularity of your domain keywords. Let’s check some out.

1. Estibot

This tool is essentially for anyone looking to invest in what Estibot calls ‘internet real estate’. You can type in any URL and receive a lot of useful information in return. You can do three free searches a day without signing up, but if you plan on using the system a lot, you might want to register. 

Let’s do an example search for a made-up domain called bakery.inc.

Estibot gives feedback on a domain’s value, which can be helpful if you’re trying to pick or purchase a name. Other analytics Estibot will return includes a search results overview. This will outline the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) term results and more.

We can also see how many searches for our bakery.inc domain there has been in a month and what the Cost Per Click (CPC) would be.

These are all valuable insights not just for potential domain investors, but for anyone trying to decide on the perfect domain name. Estibot will tell you if your domain is too long or if it would do better under a different TLD. 

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is a search tool that gives you the power to see whether a topic you’re interested in is popular. You can whether it’s on a steady rise or declining. You’ll also be able to gather valuable demographic information about keywords or topics. 

You can use Google Trends to test the popularity of product categories as well. Additionally, you’ll be able to view any connected or related topics based on your searches. All of this can be used to formulate a solid domain name that’s more likely to do well in Google searches. 

3. Free Valuator

Free Valuator is a free domain appraisal tool. This system will calculate the value of the domain you enter based on a number of factors. This includes domain keywords, statistics, website ranking, the price of similar domains, and more. You’ll receive the estimated value of your domain and some options on suitable marketplaces for buying and selling. 

You can use Free Valuator without signing up for an account, but if you want to keep track of your appraisals place you can sign up for a free account using your Facebook login. Free Valuator has some other domain-related tools as well. For example, you can use their random domain generator if you’re really stuck for ideas. 

Choosing The Right Name For Your WordPress Site

In general, your domain name is yours to choose. However, there are some best practices to keep in mind before dishing out money for your website’s name. You’ll at least want people to be able to remember and pronounce your domain, but there are other aspects to consider too. 

If you’re struggling to pick the perfect domain, take a look at some of these best practices to jump-start the selection process: 

  • Be memorable. You don’t want anyone to have a hard time remembering where to find you online. Creating a memorable domain name is key to embedding your site in the customer’s memory. 
  • Keep it short. You’ll also want to make your domain very easy to share. The goal is to make your domain easy to recall from person to person. 
  • Make it brandable. In other words, would your domain look good on a t-shirt? A brandable domain should fit easily into all kinds of marketing strategies or merchandising opportunities. 
  • Stick to trusted TLDs. There are many new TLDs being released and it’s likely that the trend will continue. While it might be difficult to find the .com you really want, there’s a trust factor to keep in mind with the more traditional TLDs. However, note that this is becoming less relevant as TLD selections become more varied.
  • Stick to intuitive names: There’s also something to be said for being straightforward with your naming scheme as well. You want potential site visitors to know what to expect when they see your domain name. If you click on icecreamathome.com expecting a frozen treat recipe and find out it’s a tax preparation company instead, you could understandably be disappointed. 

Additionally, while keywords can have some impact on the popularity of your domain in search results, you don’t want to go overboard and ‘stuff’ your domain with them – it’s a tactic that can backfire, along with a number of other pitfalls.

Saving On Domain Name Costs

Now you have a bit more domain name knowledge under your belt, you might be eager to head out and buy the domain you’ve always wanted. Before you do, take onboard some of our cost-saving tips.

First, you’ll want to check out a few domain registrars and see who provides the most valuable add-ons. For example, you can typically find a registrar who is offering WHOIS protection for free. This means you’ll have the option to keep your contact information private from anyone looking to see who owns your domain. 

Other areas you can keep in mind to save some cash while registering a domain, include: 

  • Sticking with traditional TLDs, as some of the newer TLDs can be more expensive and not as trusted.
  • Seeing if your web host offers free or discounted domain name registrations through your hosting package. 
  • Shopping for discounted internet property on other major shopping days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

Regardless of the name you choose, you’ll now be able to go forth armed with lots of domain shopping knowledge and make the best choice for your website. 

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