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How to Use and Embed Google Forms with WordPress

WordPress and Google Forms

What happens when you add the flexibility and customizability of WordPress with the ease of Google Forms? Maximum usability. This is because both WordPress and Google Forms are widely used and well-understood systems.

Google Forms efficiently helps you to collect information from your user base and integrate it with your Google Drive, something you probably already use on a daily basis. Although WordPress is chock-full of form plugins, Google Forms can help keep you quickly and easily keep track of responses using a system you are already familiar with.

Why Use Google Forms with WordPress

Using Google Forms, you can easily create online surveys, quizzes, and registration forms. The app, found in the Google suite, produces real-time responses, allows the insertion of media items, contains customizable and powerful features, and comes with tons of add-ons.

  • Produces real-time responses
  • Allows the insertion of media items
  • Contains customizable and powerful features
  • Comes with tons of add-ons

The beauty of Google Forms integration with WordPress is that it allows you to share the same form on multiple WordPress websites, email addresses, etc., and receive a response in the same place.

The integration will give your embedded Google Form a degree of automation and universality. Read on how to learn how to embed Google Forms with WordPress, both without and with a Google Forms WordPress plugin.

Google Forms Integration with WordPress

In order to embed an existing Google Form into a WordPress site, you’ll first need to create a Google Form. To do this, log in to your Google Drive and find Google Forms.

google form and wordpress integration

When designing your embedded form, you’ll want to consider what you want it to look like on your WordPress site. Will you want specific colors? How can you embed a Google Form in your WordPress site seamlessly? Within the Google Form, you’ll be able to adjust the color scheme, select a theme, and adjust font size.

google forms and wordpress

Embedding a Google Form in WordPress

Once you’ve successfully designed your Google Form, you are ready for Google Form integration with your WordPress site in order to collect form responses. The fastest and easiest way to do this is by embedding the Google Form’s iframe code directly onto your WordPress website.

To do this, the first step is to find the Send button in the upper-right corner of your Google screen. You’ll see a Send form pop-up appear on the screen prompting you to select how you’d like to send the Google Form. Switch over to the Embed HTML option (two-outward facing carets symbols) and copy the iframe code to your clipboard.

embed google form in wordpress

Next, log in to your WordPress website and navigate to where you’d like to embed a Google Form in your WordPress site. Open up the HTML text editor and paste the iframe code into it.

how to embed google from in wrodpress site

Now you’re ready to embed the Google Form and save the embedded Google Form preview to see what it looks like on your WordPress website.

google forms and wordpress

Adding Additional Form Options Using The Google Forms Plugin

Depending on your preferences, Google Forms has plenty of options to take your from to the next level. To do this, however, you’ll need to use the Google Forms WordPress Plugin. The Google Forms plugin allows you to manage and edit forms from the WordPress admin area and gives you many options for extending and customizing your Google Form template:

  • Columns: Split up form responses to as many as 10 columns
  • Captcha: Add a boost of security and keep spambots from trying to submit spam responses by adding CAPTCHA to your WordPress form.
  • Read-only: The options allow the form to be read-only and not written on.
  • CSS Prefix: Adding a prefix to the beginning of each class name in a Google form can be used to style multiple forms differently.

To integrate forms using the Google Forms plugin, select Add New Google Form straight from the admin page or select an existing Google Form from your Google Drive.

google forms wordpress options

You’ll need a form created already so that you can fill the Form URL field. You are also encouraged to fill out the Confirmation URL field since the default is generic.

embed a google form in wordpress

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