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It can take hours just to get to the starting place for designing and customizing a new site on WordPress. For some, it’s the time finding frameworks and themes; for others, it's combing through a sea of plugins to download and configure them to make sure you’re building the best digital experience for the project at hand. You can spend a full day, not to mention hundreds of clicks, just to get to a “starting” point.

Get to that starting point 90% faster with WP Engine Site Templates. By using WP Engine’s Site Templates—curated templates that include all the tools you need—you can use the time that you used to spend finding frameworks, themes, and plugins on customizing, creating and building digital experiences. We’re thrilled to debut our first tech partner Site Template with the best-in-class growth platform provider, HubSpot. You can now build a WordPress site powered by HubSpot in just a few clicks. 

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Automatically set up and configure new WordPress environments with themes and plugins.

Best-in-class themes are accessibility-ready and mobile responsive to ensure sites work on any device and for anyone.


Leverage HubSpot’s All in One Marketing Plugin to capture marketing and sales leads.

Auto-generate HubSpot plugin features—forms, live chat and pop-up tools—to match the styling of integrated StudioPress theme.

of Mind

WP Engine vets each partner and technology we place within our Site Templates so you have access to best-in-class solutions.

All technology is fully developed and supported by WordPress experts.

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