You’ve invested a lot in your WordPress site, and for many of you, a content delivery network (CDN) is an important tool. The ability to serve static content like images, CSS, and JavaScript from a network of servers around the world boosts speed and scalability, and fortifies your site to withstand blockbuster bursts of traffic without breaking.

To help you succeed in speeding up and scaling your site, we’re giving all Premium and Enterprise plan WP Engine customers 1,000 gigabytes of free CDN usage per month.

For the vast majority of Premium and Enterprise plan customers, this new structure will dramatically reduce or completely eliminate CDN costs.

This update will be implemented on June 29. You can expect to see a monthly CDN usage report and charge, if applicable, on your first statement following the change.

With our integrated CDN, you get all of the benefits of a CDN without any of the hassle of a third-party service. We handle the configuration for you; we put all of your static content on the CDN. We also manage distributing the content and rewriting the URLs in the code. There are no plugins or settings required, and we fully support it. Plus, you control enabling or disabling the CDN as needed.

A free 1,000 GB of CDN service for Premium and Enterprise customers is just another of the many benefits of the WP Engine managed WordPress hosting platform, which was built from the ground up to deliver tight security, unmatched speed, and massive scalability backed by the service and support of an expert team of WordPress specialists.

If you have any questions or want to get started with our CDN service, we’re here 24/7. Please contact us through WP Engine Support.