If you were asked to pick the mecca of business and professional productivity in Ireland, you’d probably choose Dublin, which is understandble given the city’s size and stature. 

As an alternative, however, you could also venture away from the country’s capital to the commercial, administrative, and cultural hub of Ireland’s mid-west: Limerick. Bustling with job opportunities and consistently growing, Limerick is full of professional opportunity.

While there are a number of reasons why the citizens of Limerick love living there, we’ll primarily focus on why it’s a great place to work. With its vibrant, friendly atmosphere and an attitude that encourages a healthy balance between work and leisure, Limerick has quickly become an attractive location for companies from all over the globe. These are characteristics that initially drew WP Engine to Limerick in 2016, and they are now characteristics that are helping our company grow.

“I’m not a native of Limerick. I moved here after living in Dublin for the past five years. The cost of living and the hassle free commute are two huge advantages. This is an exciting time to be in Limerick, it’s thriving now and there is huge investment. The people here make it an enjoyable place to live,” Darren O’Dwyer, Senior International Recruiter


Because it’s an attractive hub for international companies looking to establish or broaden their presence in Europe (and beyond), Limerick is a hotspot for job opportunities. According to Site Selection, Limerick ranked 6th in the “top metropolitan areas of Western Europe to invest in.” The rankings were determined based on statistics related to capital investment, job creation, business costs, and economic strength.

International companies, and technology companies in particular, are also drawn to Limerick because of its location and large talent pool—the city is home to three prestigious third level academic institutions, producing thousands of employable graduates and an environment bustling with young professionals.

Cost of Living

Limerick also has the highest level of disposable income per capita, outside of the greater Dublin area. Goods and services within Limerick are comparatively cheap and the average price of housing in Limerick is 30% lower than the national average.

Limerick is also home to an increasingly expanding food scene that won’t break the bank. Eating out in Limerick is much more affordable than eating out in other cities in Ireland.


Two-thirds of the people from Limerick spend less than 30 minutes commuting to work every morning. With top-notch infrastructure in the form of roads and bridges, Limerick is tremendously accessible. Six national roads converge at Limerick; automobile traffic is mild at best and pedestrians can easily get around within the city itself.

People and Culture

Limerick has a rich tradition of arts, music, literature, and culture, and the surrounding villages of Adare, Abbeyfeale, and Bunratty offer a plethora of museums, festivals, and outdoor markets. Limerick residents also take pride in their rugby teams. Thomond Park, a famous venue located in Limerick, is home to Munster Rugby.

Grow Here

While Limerick is already a great place to live and work, it has plans to become bigger and better. The city of Limerick aims to spend £1 billion in enterprise and investment infrastructure in order to transform Limerick economically, physically, and socially in the coming years. In an effort to make Limerick an Irish economic hub, the city plans to add 12,000 jobs in accordance with this plan.

Come Work With Us

WP Engine is currently hiring in Limerick! Check out our Careers page for an up-to-date list of open positions.