There are a lot of different ways to “do” WordPress. That’s part of the beauty and flexibility of open source. Choice. Freedom. Options.   

And decision fatigue is a thing. How do developers, technologists, and site owners decide which way to go when it comes to hosting WordPress? Especially if everything can appear the same on the surface? 

Since Jason Cohen initiated the idea of Managed WordPress 13 years ago, we’ve been on a passionate, perpetual quest to understand what matters most for site builders and to deliver that and more.

Now 1,100+ employees strong, we’re very fortunate to have close to 200,000 customers on our platform, millions of users of our developer solutions, and 10,000+ agencies in our partner program from around the world. This wide purview provides us with an incredible perspective on what’s trending in the market and what matters most for site builders.  

We do a number of other things to keep a pulse on the industry. We frequently run studies in both our Marketing and Product & Engineering organizations. Our UX team conducts regular research interviews. We engage with our customers and agency partners daily. We invite developers and agency thought leaders to share their knowledge and perspectives in our publications Torque and Velocitize.  We’re now hosting developer communities for traditional WordPress builders and those exploring headless to engage and support one another. And we love what we learn through all of this.

In one of our recent marketing surveys, we asked 140+ developers what resonated most for them when considering different hosting platforms. Proven better speed, scale, security, support? Yes, sure. No one said, “No, that doesn’t resonate. I don’t care about any of that or having proof that a vendor can do it better.”  

But what resonated MOST for developers was being armed with the ability to work smarter and offload administrative tasks like updates, backups, security patches, and server monitoring that are required to ensure WordPress is safe and performant. They’d much prefer to focus their working hours and passion for engineering on building and coding new, innovative digital experiences. 

Some of the things we heard:

“I  want to get my time back, so instead of  working on hosting,  I can do  the things that will grow my  business.”

“Especially as higher workload with fewer team members become a bigger issue in the workplace, we need to optimize our allocation of staff and working hours so we can get the most done with the limited time we have.”

“…It has always been my wish to work smarter, without stress or hassle, while achieving better results.”

To deliver on these insights, we created a new campaign,
A Smarter Way to WordPress, with our creative partners from Circa and the motion design work of Luke Maroldi.

We sought to echo the sentiments we heard from today’s modern WordPress developers who seek to work smarter and connect with Creative that breaks through with its uniqueness and hopefully, entertains a little too.  

What if you could find a way to automate the tasks that need to be done over and over again, so you didn’t have to?

What if you didn’t have to remember all the things necessary to protect your site because you had a platform certified to fend off the next DDoS attack on your behalf?

What if you didn’t have to be the one to troubleshoot at 2 a.m. or on a Saturday afternoon, and instead, you could rest easy and wake up to your WordPress sites not just good, but actually better every day?

What if you didn’t have to figure out how to optimize caching for your WooCom sites, because someone else was doing that for you?

WP Engine has always been on a mission to make WordPress sites work smarter for our customers. Our goal is to protect, solve, and manage all of the things your sites need, so you don’t have to. Our world-class solutions are designed to make designing, building, managing, and optimizing any WordPress experience easier while delivering maximum results.  

We’ve devoted over 1.5 million engineering hours to perfecting our WordPress platform and innovating new solutions. Here’s some highlights of the WP Engine collection: 

  • Local is #1 most used local development platform for WordPress with over 100,000 monthly active users.
  • Genesis, our framework for building themes and blocks in WordPress has over a million active websites.
  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is used by over 2 million websites.  
  • With our Managed WordPress solution, customers can improve page speed by up to 200% while benefiting from enterprise certified security. [Test your WordPress site to see how you could improve].  
  • Our eCommerce solution drives higher converting eCom sites with smart caching for WooCommerce and Instant Store Search that delivers more relevant results and sites up to 10x faster.
  • Atlas is our solution that enables you to build, deploy, and manage headless websites leveraging the power of WordPress and the best of modern web development.
  • Flywheel Growth Suite helps small agencies scale their business with client management solutions.   

Regardless of the site type, size or complexity, we’ve got technical WordPress experts ready to assist at any hour of the day who are instantly responsive on LiveChat and complete dedicated account management for those who seek it.  

We sweat the small stuff and the big ones so that you can focus on innovation, on shoppers, on content, and on building something that truly impacts your business. 

We welcome your feedback on our campaign videos!