We are incredibly excited to bring the Delicious Brains WordPress plugins to WP Engine’s growing portfolio of modern development tools. 

These powerful plugins already play a pivotal role in the way developers build WordPress sites today, and together with Local and Genesis, they represent the preferred way of building WordPress sites for the foreseeable future.

Listen to Delicious Brains Founder Brad Touesnard and WP Engine Founder and CTO Jason Cohen discuss the acquisition on Torque’s Press This podcast.

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While we view our role as stewards of these technologies with a mandate to keep making them better, we also understand that current users of Delicious Brains plugins, as well as WP Engine’s customers, have important questions regarding the use of these products going forward. 

Our relentless pursuit of innovation can also be seen across our product lines as we continue to evolve our solutions for eCommerce, agency practice management (Growth Suite), headless WordPress (Atlas), and our foundational Managed WordPress offerings to help make WP Engine the platform of choice to design, build, power, and manage winning digital experiences on the #1 CMS in the world.

Representatives from WP Engine are always available to answer your specific questions, and we’ve also compiled key details below covering questions you may have about these products, including billing, support, or if you need to change your hosting provider to continue using any of the Delicious Brains plugins (spoiler alert: you don’t). 

If your questions aren’t answered below, reach out to us! You can speak to someone via chat or phone right now or visit our contact page for additional options. 

Will Delicious Brains Products only work on sites powered by WP Engine?

All Delicious Brains products will continue to work as they always have, for everyone.

Delicious Brains products are some of the most popular, developer-centric tools for WordPress, and we plan to keep them that way. 

While many WP Engine customers already use Delicious Brains products, the plugins we’re acquiring have a total installed base of approximately 4 million users, all of whom should expect the plugins they know and love to continue working without change, regardless of where their site is managed (even if it’s not WP Engine). 

As an open web company, WP Engine is committed to supporting open source projects, including WordPress and its ecosystem of software. From Local and Genesis to our growing list of open source solutions for headless developers, we will continue to focus on providing more value and improving tools for not only our customers, but the entire WordPress community, of which the Delicious Brains community is a major part.

What is happening to product support for the five Delicious Brains plugins being acquired? 

WP Engine will continue to support and invest in all five Delicious Brains plugins.

As with our previous acquisitions, WP Engine will continue to support all five Delicious Brains plugins without interruption and with regular updates, testing, and new version releases. The same development teams will remain in place across all Delicious Brains plugins and their repos will remain open. 

WP Engine will also continue to encourage and value contributions from Delicious Brains plugin users as well as the wider WordPress community.  

As detailed below, pricing for all plans, including ACF lifetime licenses, will remain unchanged across the Delicious Brains plugins.

I’m a Delicious Brains customer. Will there be changes to my lifetime license or annual plan? 

Pricing for all Delicious Brains products will remain unchanged and lifetime licenses will be honored.

If you are a current Delicious Brains customer, the only change to your billing will be a new letterhead, which will come from WP Engine once our billing systems have made the change.  

Prior to February 2020, ACF Pro licenses included lifetime software updates. WP Engine is committed to honoring lifetime licenses, and lifetime license holders will get all ACF Pro software updates. They won’t be required to pay for version 6.0 or any other major or minor releases.

Existing Delicious Brains customers on an annual plan will see no change to their plan pricing. WP Engine has no plans to change the prices of annual plans for any of the five Delicious Brains plugins we’ve acquired.

I’m a WP Engine customer who doesn’t use Delicious Brains plugins. How can I get started? 

WP Engine customers can use Delicious Brains plugins the same way they always have. 

All Delicious Brains products are available for use on any WP Engine site, just as they have always been. 

Moving forward, users will be able to more easily find and access these plugins as part of our growing developer toolset, and customers will be at the forefront of UX and Product research that we continue to conduct across all of our WordPress tools for builders. 

In the meantime, you can use Delicious Brains’ free plugins, and you can purchase the pro versions directly from their respective websites:

Advanced Custom Fields 

WP Migrate

WP Offload Media

Better Search Replace

WP Offload SES

I’m a WP Engine customer with Delicious Brains plugins installed on my sites. Will I see a change in the way they are configured/appear in my user portal or Smart Plugin Manager dashboard? 

There are no plans to change the way the Delicious Brains plugins operate. 

Your Delicious Brains plugins will continue to work the same way they always have, and any coming changes will be communicated directly with you before they occur. 

Find out more about WP Engine’s industry-leading WordPress platform here, or speak to a representative now for more information.