A key part of our business at WP Engine is the partnerships we’ve built with digital agencies. With emerging technologies and trends, increasing competitiveness, and the pressure to deliver memorable digital experiences, agencies have enough to worry about. WP Engine allows agencies to focus on creation and execution instead of worrying about performance and security. We do this via innovative solutions that keep teams agile, a digital experience platform that uses industry-leading architecture to consistently deliver high performance, and an open-source platform that easily integrates with your preferred technology stack.

At the forefront of innovation and digital creativity, agencies have invaluable insight into digital trends, technical efficiency, and creativity that leads to conversions. In this series, called “Agency Spotlight,” we sit down with agency leaders from around the world to explore their thoughts on all things digital.

In this segment, we talk with the team at Power Digital Marketing. PDM is a data-driven, ROI-focused marketing agency in San Diego, California. Their mission is to help businesses scale and drive revenue through a highly customized approach to digital marketing.   

What are some innovative ways you get people to pay attention to your content?

First, I break the content down into smaller sections; very few people stick around to read huge chunks of content.

I also make content easy to read via short lines, readable text size, bullet points, etc., and I reinforce those pieces of content with visual elements such as images and icons. I add different colors to titles or pieces of the text that should stand out, and I’ll even use subtle animations that add intrigue to the page.

Can you name a new tool you began using in 2019? Why did you add it to your tech stack?

Adobe XD. It’s easy to use, super intuitive and the artboards look very clean. Additionally, the prototyping in XD is easy and offers a lot of unique, easily implemented animations. Finally, sharing with clients is efficient; receiving and incorporating feedback is simple, and it allows us to more efficiently deploy our projects to development.

What are your thoughts on immersive client research and do you have firsthand experience with your client’s day-to-day functions to deeply understand their needs?

In my eyes, client research is imperative to a successful project. As a UI designer, empathy is key to designing a tailored solution for clients and their users. That’s why knowing the various aspects of your client’s business, even just a surface-level understanding, will prove to be beneficial for the end product. In order to bridge the gap between the Power Digital team and our client, we have them answer discovery-type questions that help provide any relevant and necessary insight.

Examples include: What kind of CRM is your client using, and how should we integrate it with a new website design? What’s your typical user demographic -— age, region, device type, etc.? Who are your client’s notable competitors? Has your client done any contract research with their current site or any user testing? Having your clients answer these types of questions will allow you to not only broaden your knowledge on their industry but ultimately design and develop a successful project.

How can you best use analytics to drive corporate change?

We utilize behavioral analytics to help drive decisions on websites and have found this translates into real life actions we can take with customers. For example, if a customer is reacting poorly to something on a retail site, that often translates to poor physical experiences in the store. This has been a disconnect for a long time, but now that our analytics platforms are able to derive data beyond traffic and conversions, we can begin to truly utilize online data to implement meaningful change in the overall corporate reality.

For more information on Power Digital Marketing, check out their website. To learn more about how WP Engine works with agencies, check out our Agency Partner Program.