AppSumo - WP Engine Deal

Oh man, AppSumo is rolling their final deal through WP Engine.

Visit to check out the deal, but I’ll explain it before the jump.

This weekend only, pay $99 and get 12 months of the personal plan, which would normally cost $348!

If you’ve been curious about WP Engine, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, this is a great way for you to try us out, and see if we live up to our marketing. It’s a low-risk way to test our scalability, our speed, and security protocol, as well as see if our Support Team is as awesome as we say!

Maybe you’ve got a blog that you’re building, and the traffic is starting to pick up, and you know that it’s time to scale it up. Maybe you want to save some time managing your VPS every month.

However you slice it, this is a great opp to get in the door at WP Engine at a deal that we literally may never offer again.

Roll over to AppSumo and get in on this deal this weekend.

Note, that the Personal Plan does not include multisite. If you need multisite, that is included in the Professional Plan.

Also, when you check out the post on AppSumo, you’ll notice that Noah talks about a post of his (about getting fired from FaceBook) that received 100k visits in like 2 hours. Yes, that will exceed the Personal Plans transfer limits, however we *never* throttle your site because of high traffic, and if you need to upgrade to a higher plan, that’s quick and easy to accomplish. Just let us know and we’ll take care of your site.

Now roll on over to and check out the deal!