GeekPack, one of the Internet’s largest groups aimed at empowering women and girls through coding, is launching Geekapalooza this month! The four-day virtual event will feature dozens of experts from a range of marketing, business, and technology backgrounds as they share their most important industry insights.

WP Engine is proud to take part, and you can catch sessions with Carrie Dils, Haidee McMahon, and Brian Gardner on day 3 of the virtual conference. Each day is jam-packed with more than a dozen expert sessions, and the variety of the subject matter is sure to keep your attention piqued.

Experts will expound on a host of topics, including migrating WordPress sites, building revenue through email engagement, measuring the true impact of your social media efforts, hiring and outsourcing, and even shifting your mindset to best position yourself for success online. Your free ticket gets you all this exclusive information and more when you attend October 18–22!

Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

Day 1

Sixteen speakers will address the audience throughout the day, beginning with a live event: The Magic of Code with Geekapalooza organizer Julia Taylor. Other speakers will cover topics such as scaling your business, developing a mobile app, and building your mission, core values, and vision statements.

Day 2

The day opens with a live talk by Helen Henley who will speak on the importance of maintaining a positive mindset. Additional discussions will address issues including Google Analytics, optimizing YouTube videos, and creating copy with personality.

Day 3

Wednesday is brimming with helpful content, including live talks from WP Engine employees to open the day! 

Senior Director, Product Haidee McMahon will talk about confidence and how learning to code can amplify it, especially for women. She’ll discuss women in tech and how learning to code is a great entry point for women getting into the tech industry.

Carrie Dils will discuss her journey as a freelance WordPress expert, and specifically why she chose to focus on WordPress. In addition to covering her own trajectory and things she wished she’d known back when she first started out, Carrie will also dive into full site editing and the future of WordPress.

StudioPress Founder Brian Gardner, who recently joined WP Engine as a Principal Developer Advocate, will talk about how WordPress is in the hands of users now more than ever. His session will cover the future of WordPress, both from a platform perspective (block editing and full site editing) as well as the future for WordPress designers and developers.  

Day 4

The last (free) day of the conference opens with two live talks and focuses on building recurring revenue, optimizing your business operations, video editing, and more.

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