At Goliath Technologies, we’re working to change the IT operations software market and make it proactive versus reactive. With our solutions, you can anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent IT performance issues in your virtual servers and desktops, and your physical IT infrastructure.

For our customers to trust us to proactively identify and resolve IT performance issues before they happen, we have to earn their confidence. To do so, we require a fast, high-performing website. If our site is slow, or a visitor can’t complete a form, or if images don’t load in a timely fashion, visitor confidence diminishes. Poor site performance could prompt a potential customer to write us off in a matter of seconds.

At the same time, our site is our main vehicle for demand generation. And as we grow our social presence and expand our international audience, our site drives more and more traffic. That growth is exciting, but presented an interesting challenge: our previous site host couldn’t accommodate the traffic increases and we’d experience bouts of downtime.

That’s troublesome when your site has to be available around the clock–it has to load quickly and be reliable.

We turned to WP Engine and its managed WordPress hosting platform. It was the perfect fit. I was already familiar with the power of WP Engine—before I joined Goliath I was working with a Fortune 50 brand as a digital strategy consultant, and I advised that company move all of its blogs to WP Engine. The migration was a huge success.

When Goliath made the move to WP Engine, the benefits were almost instantaneous. Our Google rankings and SEO immediately improved, and our server load times decreased by a whopping 10 seconds. Additionally, our hosting costs dropped by about 60 percent. And, according to Pingdom, our page load times have dropped about 80 percent domestically and 63 percent internationally.


That’s all it took. When I presented to my CEO and CFO that our hosting costs would drop so dramatically amid such incredible performance improvements, they were sold.

We want visitors to the Goliath Technologies website to have a great user experience on our site. WP Engine has helped us achieve those business objectives. And it’s had some additional benefits that we can only attribute to the move to WP Engine: our conversion rates are up.

Essentially, all of our key measurements are moving up and to the right-exactly where you want them to be.

Moving to WP Engine was a strategic business move to improve the performance for the Goliath Technologies site and to mitigate the risk of downtime. And we got that and more.

As the Director of Digital Marketing for Goliath Technologies, I create and deploy demand generation strategies on digital channels like paid and organic search, email, and social for three SaaS products that are marketed to six different verticals in 11 international markets.