SIXGUN is one of Melbourne’s leading boutique digital marketing agencies. Founded in 2017 by Managing Director David Pagotto, the agency has also become one of Australia’s fastest-growing, with a dedicated team of professionals who serve as the in-house marketing department for local and international brands alike. 

SIXGUN is also a member of WP Engine’s Agency Partner Program, which helps agencies of all sizes build their business by focusing on digital innovation instead of maintenance and administration. We recently spoke with David to find out more about SIXGUN, and hear about the impressive project his team completed with Drake International

Before we dive in, how would you describe the work SIXGUN does? 

SIXGUN is a performance digital marketing agency that focuses on SEO, Google Ads, and paid social. We also help brands deploy light-weight marketing-focused websites that support these channels. We work with a range of clients across all industries.

What’s the connection between SIXGUN and WP Engine? 

SIXGUN has been a big supporter of WP Engine since our inception roughly three years ago. Put simply, WP Engine provides fantastic hosting services for WordPress builds, and comes with a suite of features that are unbeatable (like automatic backups, integrated staging environments, and—most importantly to us—speed for our clients’ websites).

Being a member of the Agency Partner Program has been extremely beneficial for us. The WP Engine team has introduced us to prospects as well as a great team of complimentary service providers. Additionally, we have received a lot of value from the events WP Engine hosts and works tirelessly to put together for their agency partners.

What was the project SIXGUN took on for Drake International?

Drake International wanted to boost the presence of its psychometric testing product Drake P3. The existing web solution was all-encompassing across their international locations. They wanted a stand-alone website that delivered a strong user experience, was easy and quick to work with, and something that their Australian branch ultimately had control over.

This stand-alone website was to be the foundation of the digital marketing strategy for the Drake P3 product, ultimately something that would be fundamental in future years of growth.

What was the solution your team came up with to meet Drake International’s needs?  

Our solution was to build Drake International a WordPress micro website on the WP Engine platform. We knew this would give them the combination of quality and flexibility they were searching for.

Where did WP Engine come in? How did we help you with this project? 

SIXGUN recommended WP Engine for the project, and the platform proved to be the perfect fit.

What was the launch like? How did SIXGUN ultimately deliver the project to Drake International?

The website launch was well managed and very smooth, partially due to the experience and depth of understanding between Drake International and ourselves.

Outside of the new design that fostered user experience, the micro website we built for Drake International had an average homepage load time of 1.37 seconds as opposed to 3.08 seconds. A massive difference in general usability, and something that undoubtedly helped sales performance for the product. 

What does the success of this project mean for SIXGUN?  

Delivering this project successfully provided great satisfaction for the client (which is always our primary aim), while also boosting our internal term morale. There is nothing quite like delivering a wildly successful project for a well known international brand.

What’s next for you and your team? How do you see SIXGUN growing? 

SIXGUN is in a state of rapid growth and we look forward to growing with additional staff members and exciting client projects over the coming years. Our focus will continue to be on digital marketing as our primary offering.

Find out more about working with SIXGUN for your next digital marketing project, and visit WP Engine to find out more about our Agency Partner Program—the largest partner network in the WordPress ecosystem.