Digital marketing is never static. That’s where Velocitize comes as a handy asset. A publication dedicated to informing you about today’s digital landscape, Velocitize keeps you in the know with all the trends in marketing today. Here’s this month’s recap of articles that can help fuel your digital success.

Read on for the latest on machine learning, advice on building a tech stack to supplement your Agile marketing strategy, how to keep growing when you’ve run out of space to grow, and more.

How to Build Award-Winning Digital Experience

A judge at the 2017 Webby Awards explains what it takes to make a site stand out. Digital experience and user experience go hand in hand, she says. Machine learning, the incorporation of AI, and interactive projects are just three trends that are helping companies take their brand to the next level.

 Growing in a Shrinking World 

This Q&A with Elizabeth Chambers, the Chief Strategy, Product and Marketing Officer at Western Union explains how to grow your company when you’ve run out of market, branding, and the incorporation of outside developers.

What Marketers Need to Know About Machine Learning

Is machine learning the answer to all of the problems plaguing marketing teams? Well, no. Turns out we still need people to strategize, program and craft goals but the rise of AI can help automate mundane tasks by parsing out text, analyzing data and more…

How to Build a Tech Stack That Makes Agile Marketing Easy

Agile Marketing continues to gain popularity because of its ability to expedite everyday tasks and facilitate effective and efficient collaboration. While truly effective Agile marketing depends on people, proper collection and distribution of data, the automation of repetitive tasks, and an open-source backbone can assist in transitioning to more agile ways of working.

Marketing Tech Lessons From This Year’s MarTech ‘Stackies’ Winners 

Six winners of the 2017 MarTech ‘Stackie’ awards explains the secret behind their top-notch marketing “stacks.” These companies effectively integrated tools and technologies that deliver usable data to their marketing teams and improve the customer experience.

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