Digital marketing is never static. That’s where Velocitize comes as a handy asset. A publication dedicated to informing you about today’s digital landscape, Velocitize keeps you in the know with all the trends in marketing today. This month, Velocitize covered a handful of talks from WP Engine Summit and interviewed a few speakers.

Building a culture of “US”: Q&A with GSD&M founder Roy Spence

GSD&M co-founder and chairman Roy Spencer spoke with Velocitize about brand purpose and marketing at the WP Engine Summit in September.

Transform Your Content with Artificial Intelligence

Paul Roetzer, CEO of PR 20/20 shares common misconceptions about AI and marketing, and gives some advice for marketers who want to begin experimenting with AI.

Like a Good Sales Pro, Enterprise Content Must Get Personal

Nick Bhavsar, senior VP of marketing at Bound, on the importance of engineering personalization and how the enterprise marketers need to catch up to the consumer marketing segment.

The Future is Automated for the People, According To Webby Trend Talk 

Claire Graves, managing director of the Webby Awards, discussed on an “automated future” and how technology is changing our day-today habits at the WP Engine Summit.

AI, IBM and the Rise of “Anticipatory Design”

Global design lead for IBM Blockchain Services AI Krystal Webber, machine learning and user experience and how they can come together in what she called “anticipatory design.

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