Velocitize is an online publication that operates to inform, educate and inspire digital marketers and agencies via strategic insights from industry experts. This content helps agencies and marketers stay ‘in-the-know’ in regards to the digital transformation of their industries. Velocitize readers are left inspired and motivated by digital trends, reports, and insights.

In March 2018, Velocitize announced Velocitize Talks. These talks offer interviews, insights, and intelligence on the future of marketing and cutting-edge technologies for deeper engagement with today’s customer. We’ve compiled some notable highlights and snippets from recent interviews.

The Future of Apps 

“Progressive Web Apps work for sites that are content-heavy but the functionality is not all that complex. PWAs provide benefits like offline support, notifications and the reduced friction of not having to download an app from the app store,” Ben Howerton, Co-founder of DevMethods

The Hands-Free Future

“A lot of people are talking about what the world is going to look like when the keyboard is gone…we have this belief that the camera is going to be the new keyboard. All of these visual inspired technologies are going to come together and that’s going to be how people are going to expect their content to get to them,” Raashi Rosenberger, Creative Strategy Lead at Pinterest

The Evolution of the Agency

“We have to move beyond the focus groups and the beta testing. The key is being insight-first. Everyone talks about ‘the agency of the future’ but we are trying to look at ‘the customer of the future.,'” Tom Schonder, CMO of Yes and Company

Personalization and Privacy

“I think there is going to be less and less privacy in the future. It’s going to be more convenient to buy something or do something by giving up a little bit of privacy,” Mike Svanascini, Founder of

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