Phil Simon - Age of the Platform

WP Engine was featured in a piece on today.

Phil Simon, an expert on Platforms, like the ones Apple and Google have built, covered WP Engine in his column today. Phil has written extensively not only about the “Gang of Four,” and he’s also written about WordPress in his recent book, Age of the Platform. Phil migrated over to WP Engine’s platform in January in advance of his book release because he wanted to be absolutely sure that his site could handle the surge in traffic from the book’s publicity.

Today, Phil talked about the importance of Managed Hosting Platforms for business-owners, and kindly included his experience with WP Engine.

Here’s the link to Phil’s post:

The post, scheduled for the end of September, was moved up to sync with GoDaddy’s recent news story, and so that gets a nod in the piece. As another large infrastructure company, we can empathize with their challenges this week.  Phil’s article makes the point that a managed hosting platform, like WP Engine, is an important businesses investment, not just for larger companies and the enterprise, but for small businesses as well.

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