In this ongoing blog series, we speak with WP Engine employees around the globe to learn more about their roles, what they love about the cities they work in, and what they like most about working at WP Engine. 

In this interview, we speak with Sales Operations Analyst Alex Schimpf, who’s worked at our London office for just over two years.   

How did you discover WP Engine?

LinkedIn is a good place to connect and build relationships. I saw WP Engine pop up on one of my connections.

Can you explain your role at WP Engine?

I am a Sales Operations Analyst, which sounds like I am in sales but that is not really the case. I work closely in a cross-functional capacity with Marketing, Business Intelligence, and Finance to understand the whole sales process in order to be able to report on our performance. I support our international sales teams and managers and try to seek and come up with ideas that make their day-to-day easier. At the same time, I’m focused on bigger picture projects which affect our business performance. I love the fact that I have this balance and can contribute to our business’ success. 

What is your favorite thing about working at WP Engine?

Our Core Values keep us all together. We truly believe in what we do and you can feel it in the work ethic and atmosphere. Working with people I can trust is very important to me and I definitely know that my team will always have my back. Working at previous companies, I feel like this is very rare to find. WP Engine is also a very fast-growing business, being part of all the changes this brings is a unique experience. I can develop my skills and have the ability to do a part-time MSc while working full time. Working and studying can be challenging but I am grateful that WP Engine supports me with flexible working hours so that I can focus on my growth outside of work.

How do you contribute to the success of WP Engine?

One of our core values is Built to Last and my team and I are responsible for maintaining and integrating different tools for the benefit of the sales team and the whole organisation. We work behind the scenes to make sure all of our processes run smoothly and we keep up with the challenges a growing business faces.    

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Working in London and having the whole Sales Operations team based in the U.S. can be challenging. I try to spend as much time as I can with my team to make sure I have visibility and am involved in everything which is important. This is why time management can be challenging. Supporting our Australian, U.S., and the London office means managing three time zones. A consequence of this is having strong and long-lasting relationships with amazing people, so I don’t mind putting more time into it.     

Have you always lived in London? If not, what brought you here?

I have lived in quite a few places and countries. Being born in Russia and brought up in Germany, I always liked traveling and just didn’t spend a lot of time at home. After visiting London I really liked it and I also wanted to work somewhere outside of Germany, this is why I took the first opportunity and moved there. It was tricky at the beginning and I am grateful to have had friends and family who supported me. London is not a cheap city to live in.   

What are some of your favorite things about working and living in London?

I enjoy little things, like my routine in the morning. Getting a nice Oat Flat White and walking through Leadenhall Market before heading to the office. After work, you just have so many opportunities for how to spend your evening: a show, concert or just some drinks with a few colleagues. London is really a unique place and working in the city is very special in comparison to other areas.  

What are some hobbies you enjoy outside of work?

I love cooking, running, and yoga. I try to get a Friday yoga session in whenever I have time. We have a very nice yoga place nearby and sometimes other folks join me. It really makes all the difference in my day. 

Favorite TV show of all time?

Probably Gilmore Girls, it reminds me of home and time with my favourite people.

Current addiction?

Chocolate, working from home makes me eat a lot of it.

What would you recommend others do if they’re interested in WP Engine London?

I would highly recommend reading a few articles which talk about WP Engine and what we do beyond being a tech company. Our blog gives a good overview of why WP Engine is a Great Place To Work and everything that’s new. Additionally, we have an amazing Executive team, all of whom are great speakers; it is impressive how empowering it is to listen to one of their speeches/talks. This video is about diversity and inclusion, it is a little old but definitely one of my favourites. 

Thanks Alex!

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