In this blog series, we talk to WP Engine employees to learn more about their roles, what they love about the city they work in, and hear from them what they like most about working at WP Engine. Today we talk to Brooke Silcox, one of WP Engine’s new front desk officers and EE Coordinators at its Austin headquarters. 

Employee Spotlight: Brooke Silcox, EE Coordinator

What do you do here at WP Engine?

My job title is Employee Experience Coordinator. What I hope I do is bring positivity and light to everyone here. I have my hands in a few areas which include but are not limited to facilities management, new employee orientation, reception, and managing the corporate apartment.

Did you have any notable jobs before WP Engine?

I consider myself a jack of all trades. I have dabbled in so many different areas that it is hard to keep track. My most recent experience was with Walt Disney World corporate. I was an administrative assistant to several VP’s and assisted the building manager with facilities and security work. I also was heavily involved with their Corporate Citizenship Program which supported different charities in the greater Orlando area, as well as the world.

In addition to Disney, I have worked with adjudicated youth, managed three separate postal facilities with the USPS, delivered mail with the postal service (in a tropical storm on a kayak), worked as a journeyman for a carpenter, and did loss prevention for Macy’s while living in Hawaii.

How did these experiences translate over to working for WP Engine?

The customer service training that I received from the Walt Disney World team was exceptional. Their standards of keeping the customer as their top priority was an amazing training opportunity that I work to incorporate into my everyday work life here at WP Engine.   

What’s your favorite thing about working for WP Engine so far?

My absolute favorite thing about being a part of this amazing team is that I feel like a part of a close knit family of individuals that really care about the organization’s success and each other personally. It’s an amazing feeling to come into work each day and have everyone, including executives, say hello and ask you about a personal detail you may have shared with them.   

What is one thing that you are most proud of while working here?

I am so proud of being a part of a team that when something seems off or wrong, they want to make it right immediately. One example was the corporate apartment. When I took over the management of the apartment, I went over to see what I was taking on. I didn’t think it was in the condition we’d expect for our visiting colleagues. I mentioned it to our Sr. Director of Employee Experience and within a matter of minutes was provided with the necessary tools needed to completely turn the apartment around and into a place we all could be proud of.  

What three words would you use to describe WP Engine?

Innovative, Extraordinary, Generous

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not at work?

I love the outdoors and try to spend as much time connecting with nature as possible. I love kayaking, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and treasure hunting (look for new places to explore).  My wife and I also have three dogs that love to play and run around so I spend time chasing them and playing fetch (I’m usually the one that fetches, ha).

Favorite movie?

This is a tough question, I guess I will choose the Harry Potter series, mainly because I wish Quidditch on broomsticks was a real thing.

Spirit Animal?

The dolphin, because they are smart, live in a vast ocean, and eat fresh fish on the daily.  

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