In this ongoing blog series, we speak with WP Engine employees around the globe to learn more about their roles, what they love about the cities they work in, and what they like most about working at WP Engine. 

In this interview, we speak with Sales Executive Caitlin McPhail, a two-year veteran at WP Engine’s London office. Starting out as an SDR, Caitlin has worked her way through the ranks, to SDR Team Lead and now an L1 Account Manager; winning the EMEA TurboCharge Award earlier this year!

Going back to the start, how did you discover WP Engine?

I started WP Engine a few weeks before I graduated from University. Keen to start earning money; I discovered a recruitment company—Pareto Law—through a referral from my sister. My second interview was with WP Engine, I called Pareto Law straight after and told them, “That’s the one, I don’t want to look any further.”

Can you explain your current role at WP Engine?

I’m a Sales Executive for the Account Management Team in our London office. This means I work closely with my clients to understand their website goals, campaign calendar, and quarterly focuses; ensuring they are leveraging the WP Engine platform to complement these objectives. I am on the phone a lot, learning about each customers’ business, I love the exposure to so many industries and verticals! 

What is your favorite thing about working at WP Engine?

I feel so supported by the company, both professionally and personally. WP Engine has such a unique company culture, it’s amazing to be a part of! Embodying our core values every day; my managers continually ask me, “which value does that decision channel,” making sure we are always doing the best by our teammates, customers, and also ourselves. It makes for such a positive atmosphere every day!

How do you contribute to the success of WP Engine?

As one of the youngest (and probably one of the loudest) within the London office, I would like to think I add vigour and enthusiasm to our everyday culture, helping to keep the office floor in high spirits!

I love getting involved with planning fun social events such as our office summer picnic, team nights out, Halloween decoration competitions, or even standing up to sing during the WP Engine talent show in Limerick! 

What is the most challenging part of your job?

I think I speak for the majority of salespeople when I say that handling rejection can be difficult at times. Sometimes you can just have a bad day, and deals can feel like they are slipping left, right, and centre; it’s in that final “no” when your resilience and creativity are really challenged. We make our own luck. 

Have you always lived in London? If not, what brought you there?

I grew up in the home counties, so London has always been a quick train ride away! When I first started working at WP Engine I commuted from home. With the majority of my family and friends working and living in London, it was an easy decision for me. After living in Newcastle for three years, I couldn’t wait to get back into a city. I soon moved in with my sister, and it’s been an incredible two years!

What are some of your favorite things about working and living in London?

To name but a few … being able to walk to work, the constant buzz and atmosphere, the diversity of choice for food, music, culture, people. No matter where you are, there is something to do, a new place to explore, or dish to devour! 

What are some hobbies you enjoy outside of work?

Being in sales, I have a competitive streak so I love team games! I do a bit of lacrosse, I am in two netball leagues on a Monday and Tuesday night and I drag myself to the gym. 

Aside from sport, I enjoy writing and reading, and most importantly catching up with my friends and family. 

Favorite TV show of all time?

I could lie and say I love watching educational documentaries to broaden my horizons, but that would go against our core value “Do the Right Thing.” It’s 10000% Gossip Girl! 

Current addiction?

Shopping! You name it, I buy it! At the moment, I am particularly enjoying buying anything pastel coloured.

What would you recommend others to do if they’re interested in WP Engine London?

Get in touch with our recruitment team or connect with us on LinkedIn. There is no one in the office who wouldn’t talk or point you in the right direction!

Thank you, Caitlin! 

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