In this blog series, we talk to WP Engine employees to learn more about their roles, what they love about the city they work in, and hear from them what they like most about working at WP Engine. After recently opening an office in Limerick, Ireland we discuss life in Ireland with the Limerick team and what they hope to bring to WP Engine.

Employee Spotlight: Jessica Devine, Customer Support
“…when an American company moves over to Ireland it’s usually a really good thing to be in the first group of people hired…” -Jessica Devine

What are your roots in Limerick?
I was born in Limerick City. I grew up there, went to school there. Yet, while I’m Irish, I’m also half American. My mother is American and my grandfather is Irish, so my family has a history of going between Ireland and America and back.

What’s your favorite part about living there?
The people. They’re really amazing people there. As a child growing up with these folks, they’re your best friends, they’re with you all the time. There’s also a really good culture and it’s getting better and better, especially with the opening of WP Engine. It’s adding to the already amazing culture that we have.

What’d you do before life at WP Engine?
Before life at WP Engine I worked for another American company called XXX. It was a retail company and I did customer service for them for about three years. Outside of work I like to go to a lot of music festivals, hangout with my friends, get dinner, go to the cinema… typical stuff a 20-year-old would do.

How did you discover the Customer Support job opening?
So, I wasn’t actually looking for work. I was pretty happy at my old job. My boyfriend’s mother saw it on the news and it said ‘Texan IT firm to open up in Limerick,’ and it described looking for people with two years customer service with a background in IT. I did study IT briefly in college for about two years and she was like ‘this is a perfect mesh of what you have and your skill set.’

How do you like Austin so far?
It is amazing. I love this city. Texas is a place I’d never thought of. From living in Europe you see New York and California and you don’t really see anywhere in the middle. My mother was born in Michigan and grew up in Florida, so I heard about those places a little bit. For some reason, Texas never crossed my mind and now that I’m in Austin this is the best place I’ve ever been — apart from my own hometown.

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve experienced in Austin?
The people! Everyone is so chill and a little bit different; they have their quirks. I haven’t seen any straight-edge people that are very normal.

What is the thing you’re most excited about when it comes to your future at WP Engine?
I love how new it is. I found out last night [WP Engine] has only been around for five years now, but we are growing so quickly and we just seem like we are rapidly expanding and doing really well for ourselves.

What was your first reaction when you found out you’d be one of the first members of the Limerick office?
I was shocked, because when an American company moves over to Ireland it’s usually a really good thing to be in the first group of people hired. So I was excited to be in the first group, and I am the only girl in the first group as well so I have that little bit of an advantage.

WP Engine is currently hiring for positions in Limerick, Ireland! See here for the full range of careers we’re hiring for across the globe: