In this blog series, we talk to WP Engine employees to learn more about their roles, what they love about the city they work in, and hear from them what they like most about working at WP Engine. In this interview, we talk to Mark Randall, Country Manager (Australia & NZ) at WP Engine’s Brisbane office.

Can you explain what you do at WP Engine?

There are really three things as I see it. Firstly, helping our customers and partners in Australia/NZ stay better informed about WP Engine. Secondly, reaching out to organizations we haven’t previously worked with and helping them discover what our platform and support can do to help them.Thirdly, supporting our local team by ensuring they have the training, tools, and support they need to enjoy their roles and give their best for WP Engine.

What are your roots in Brisbane?

Well, I’ve worked in the UK, Sydney, and Brisbane at different times, but my wife and I lived in Brisbane when we got married. We have family in the UK and Australia, but we are in Brisbane because that’s where we’re happiest and have the best quality of life.

What are your favorite parts about living in Brisbane?

I love the weather, it always seems to be sunny and apart from the height of summer it’s great year-round. And whilst Brisbane doesn’t have a surf beach, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts are only an hour away and they have amazing beaches.

I think the people are friendlier in Brisbane than in Sydney or Melbourne, and I also like its quirky feel – especially around the office in Fortitude Valley and where I live in West End.

What advice would you give to someone just entering the tech industry?

I could write pages on that, but here are three things that I wish I could have figured out earlier in life:

  • Make sure you’re doing something you love and working with people you enjoy working with. In my earlier career I stayed in roles for too long after becoming unhappy, and ultimately that doesn’t do anyone any favors.
  • Don’t think of any experience as “wasted” or “a failure” if it doesn’t work out, just learn from it. I had a few early career changes and a failed startup and remember being really hard on myself at the time. When I look back now, I learned as much from those experiences (if not more) than I did during the times when things went well
  • Don’t underestimate how important your professional network and your reputation is. Three of the most important roles I’ve taken in my career have come through people who have worked with me in the past – including WP Engine.

Current addiction?

Liverpool Football Club – not just current, forever!

Spirit Animal?

Sheep Dog (loyal, friendly, hardworking!)

WP Engine is currently hiring for positions in Sales at our Brisbane office. See here for the full range of careers WP Engine is