PEI Media Group Ltd., a specialist financial information company,  focuses on global alternative assets, private equity, private real estate, infrastructure, private debt and real assets. To provide resources and information within the alternative asset vertical, PEI offers several news services and magazines including Private Equity International, a global publication with a primary focus on the relationship between investors and fund managers.

In total, PEI Media Group amounts to eight sites. Previously, the eight sites were operating on a technical debt that resulted in slow workflows. PEI sought to redevelop the sites, giving them new developmental agility; they also needed a platform that was capable of executing their desired level of flexibility. PEI worked with Pragmatic to redevelop the sites and migrate them to WordPress and WP Engine for support related to performance and agility during development.

Learn about how PEI worked with WP Engine and Pragmatic to improve the customer journey and dramatically improve organic traffic on their sites.

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