Coming live from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fundação Cásper Líbero (FCL) is a media company owning several entities. Radio stations, TV channels, online news sources, and even the first journalism college in Latin America all lie under FCL’s umbrella.

After FCL developed and managed its own CMS and the system became too difficult to navigate, they needed a change. WordPress provided a great option for the Brazilian media giant. With WordPress, each division of FCL can control its own digital experience. Although WordPress was a major improvement upon the self-built CMS, additional help was still required to ensure proper operations in WordPress management.

“We needed a full team to manage the installs and the hardware, and we just couldn’t spare that,” FCL’s CIO David Verzolla said. “The sysadmin team has several technologies to work with, and cannot be 100 percent focused on WordPress.”

In this case study, learn how FCL handed the heavy lifting over to a platform that specializes in WordPress. With WP Engine, FCL can now focus on more pressing things, like hard-hitting news and media while their CMS is managed by WordPress experts.

Read Fundação Cásper Líbero’s story now:

Case Study: Building a Media Empire on WordPress

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