Product discovery platform Gadget Flow struggled with slow site performance and reliability issues. And when your main job is to deliver product information to eager consumers, any delay is unacceptable.


Gadget Flow CEO Evan Varsamis said it seemed like Gadget Flow migrated between providers every few months in its quest to find a platform that could accommodate its growth and scale, and deliver the speed and high performance the site demanded.

Gadget Flow moved to WP Engine shortly after meeting with the team at Web Summit in Dublin. Varsamis said he was amazed by the WP Engine team’s WordPress expertise, the ease of the migration, and the performance the platform delivered.

“Our website loads for the first time in 0.8 seconds…the best we’ve seen outside of WP Engine was something like 1.6 seconds,” Varsamis said.

Varsamis added that the WP Engine managed WordPress platform also empwers Gadget Flow to scale—traffic to the site has doubled in the past few months and Gadget Flow has welcomed more than 200 million visitors since its launch.

“Overall WP Engine is the best technical decision we’ve ever made,” he said. “It gives us peace of mind at a reasonable price, with blazing fast solutions.”

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