With the release of WordPress 5.0, the default post editor received a major overhaul. Rather than offer a new iteration of the classic editor, which had been left mostly unchanged since WordPress launched in 2003, version 5.0 introduced Gutenberg, a new block-based editing experience, which has taken over as the default editor in all versions of WordPress moving forward.

Even though Gutenberg has been lauded for its feature-rich functionality and its ease-of-use for people with a non-technical background, there are still questions surrounding the best ways to put it to use. The Genesis Framework, which is available to WP Engine customers at no extra charge, provides Gutenberg-specific features that developers can take advantage of when building their own websites, pages, and child themes.

To find out more, download this ebook for additional information about how to you can get started with Gutenberg, and get even more out of WordPress by using the Genesis Framework.

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