Developers of all skill levels share a common trait—they’re always trying to get better at their craft and learn more. This is especially true in the WordPress community, where the open source values of collaboration, transparency, and ongoing education continue to make WordPress such a powerful tool for building amazing digital experiences.

Those values were also the inspiration behind WP Engine DE{CODE} 2020, an online, developer-focused conference we’re launching on January 29, dedicated to helping you build better WordPress experiences faster. 

I’m super excited about this event, which will be completely virtual, with a full day of expert-led sessions focused on leveraging WordPress for easy setups, fast builds, smooth launches, and effortless maintenance. From advanced developer workflows to building more powerful WordPress products, this event will be full of great insights and information to help make the next online experience you build stand out. Check out the full speaker lineup and agenda here

To give you a better idea of what to expect during the event itself, here’s a preview of what some of our presenters will be speaking about, in their own words:  

Joost de Valk | Founder and Chief Product Officer, Yoast  

“Search engines are constantly developing new ways to present search results and more often than not, they’re using data to do it. When it’s implemented correctly, can do great things for your site and allow search engines like Google to pick up data and present it in an enhanced way. But when it’s not utilized the right way, this type of data can actually have the opposite effect. 

I’m hopeful that in my session, which will offer a deep-dive on how to best implement structured data into your site, now and in the future, you’ll learn how to use to your benefit and make your site and its content even easier to find.” 

Carrie Dils | Freelancer Coach and WordPress Developer 

“Building a theme or using a theme framework can play a big role in the overall success of your site development, but it doesn’t have to be hard. In this session, which I’m presenting with Jonathan Jeter, Director of Technical Production at CLICK / HERE / LABS, and Jon Brown, the owner of 9seeds, you’ll learn more about the theme development tools you need to dramatically cut down on dev time, improve your skills, and build beautiful sites faster.”

Jason Cohen |  Founder and Chief Technology Officer at WP Engine 

“Because the WordPress community is so open and innovative, WordPress users have the benefit of constantly being able to find new ways to leverage WordPress for new, breakthrough digital experiences. The growing prominence of  ‘Headless WordPress,’ which uses modern development frameworks to create experiences that push the envelope of what’s possible with WordPress, is a great proof point for this. 

In this session, I’ll explain why WordPress is such a great choice for a headless CMS. Then, one of our top technical architects at WP Engine, Matt Landers, will do a live demo and show you how to quickly build a headless website using our Digital Experience Platform and technology from Google Cloud Platform.”

The above are just a few of the expert speakers we have lined up for DE{CODE} 2020, which kicks off January 29. You can register here, and make sure and visit our site if you’d like to find out more about the event. Looking forward to “seeing” you there!