Toward the end of last year, we felt it was time to take a fresh look at the values that inform our sense of direction, and evolve our guiding principles as we head into a new phase of growth and maturity. 

We reorganized, combined, and refined our five new Core Values, which will continue to serve as the framework for our decisions and the way we hold ourselves accountable going forward. 

A major addition during this work was to ensure that all of our new Core Values were purposely imbued with language that deeply reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

With the sharp increase in hate crimes against Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities, and a 150% rise in violence over the past year directed against Asian Americans, we feel compelled to speak out. This bigotry and hatred has no place in our society and WP Engine condemns this widespread xenophobic violence and intolerance. Acts of racism, discrimination, violence, hate and harassment directed against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) must stop. 

We want Black, Indigenous, Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and POC employees and those in the communities where we work to know that WP Engine stands with them as allies. We will continue to strongly condemn racism, violence, and discrimination in any form, of any kind, and at any time. We are proud that WP Engine’s customers and the broader WordPress community spans the globe and welcomes all. 

We firmly believe that not only are we stronger as a company but society as a whole is stronger when we embrace our differences and when we embrace diversity. A stronger society is one where everyone can thrive, and where everyone in their uniqueness can shine and contribute. Humanity, compassion, and respect for all people and every community is the standard we set for ourselves.

We all have a responsibility to call out and act against racism, and to always work toward a more just, equitable, and loving world. There’s more work we can do to step up and to grow but we as a company will keep listening, learning, and acting as we move forward to keep being a force for good in our communities around the world. We stand with all of our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander team members across the globe.

To learn more or to take action, please refer to the following materials:

REPORT if you see or hear of any hate incidents at Stop AAPI Hate.

ATTEND a free online bystander harassment training organized by Asian Americans Advancing Racial Justice and Hollaback.

READ suggestions for dealing with and processing racist behavior both in-person and online.

DONATE/FOLLOW efforts such as #StopAsianHate, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Hate Is A Virus, Asian Mental Health Collective, and this list of national organizations.