Hurricane Harvey is upon South Central Texas! As the head of  WP Engine’s Customer Experience team responsible for serving our more than 70,000 customers, I’m mindful of  the storm’s projected impact and it’s potential to disrupt our team’s ability to provide technical support to our customers during the storm if we lose power and internet for an extended period of time.  Forecasters are expecting the storm to hit San Antonio and Austin, Texas pretty hard over the next 48 hours, which is where the majority of our technical support team is located.

Rest assured! As our datacenters are distributed throughout the US and globally, we do not expect a disruption to the uptime of your websites.

At WP Engine, our Core Values guide our actions. We care deeply about our customers and their success. We also care equally about our teams. We have several disaster planning scenarios in place at all times to serve our customers in times of stress, but Hurricane Harvey is expected to challenge all these well laid plans.

To ensure that we are able to serve you through the impact of Hurricane Harvey, we have taken special measures to relocate some of our team members to other locations in Texas, as well as provide other safety measures for those whom we expect may need to work from home if conditions require it.  We also have our teams in Limerick, Ireland on call to jump in if needed. I hope that these precautions make us look back and laugh at our caution. But if predictions prove true and conditions in Central Texas make it difficult for our teams to provide you with the world class support you are used to, please know that we are doing our best to take care of our amazing employees while ensuring we are provide you, our customer, with the same level of expert service you are accustomed to.

For further updates, please check our WP Engine Status Page. Thank you for understanding these unusual circumstances. Thank you also for supporting our employees during this stressful time and thank you for being our customer!