This International Women’s Day, the theme is all about taking bold pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity in this world. However, one area where gender diversity is lacking is in the workforce, especially the tech scene. While women make up around 47 percent of the entire labor pool, they are seriously underrepresented in tech and it has only gotten worse with time.

Here at WP Engine, we aspire to create a community of equals. Yet, with so few women pursuing careers in tech, how does one inspire this change of underrepresentation of women in tech today?

In a recent interview with Computer Business Review, WP Engine CEO Heather Brunner spoke about this movement, including what it means to #BeBoldForChange, why diversity in the tech workspace is important, and how we can kick-start that change for women working in technology fields.

“Failing to open up the workplace to a diverse culture could also be detrimental to your business by making it less able to connect with an increasingly global customer base thus impairing business performance,” said Brunner.

She added, “As soon as companies realize the benefits that come from having greater diversity in the workplace, the sooner we’ll see greater equal opportunities.”

See here for Brunner’s full International Women’s Day interview with Computer Business Review.